A Whirlwind Tour of South America & Trinidad | Making-of


Throughout my 6 weeks of travels in Trinidad and South America this summer I recorded videos of anything I thought was worthy, this resulted in 261 videos! I did this with the intention of creating some kind of montage video with the footage that gives a brief snapshot of my journey.

It was almost 2 months after my trip when I started compiling the clips together to make a video. I decided that I would make a video similar to that I had made just before I left for travelling with a phone app called ‘One second every day’. With this app I had recorded a second of every day for 5 months from the 4th January until the 4th of June. It was on the 4th June that I set off for South America, continuing to record clips along the way so by the end of the trip I had recorded part/s of my day, every day, for six and a half months!

The second of every day video documents 5 months of my life as a second year Chemical Engineering undergraduate at the University of Bath in England. I tried my hardest to keep the exam periods of January and May interesting in the video even though a majority of my time was spent revising. The video can be seen below:


The difference with the video from my travels was that the clips were going to vary slightly in length depending on how long I thought appropriate. Also, unlike the second of the day video, the number of clips from each day would differ with a minimum of one per day.

 Short-listing the 261 videos I had recorded left me with 126 clips for the montage video. I started off by putting all of the clips into one sequence and then cutting them down to clips of a few seconds in length. This resulted in a video of 3:33 minutes; my next task was to put some kind of backing music to the video. For this I commissioned a pianist to compose music to go along with the video, I edited sound levels of both the piano music and clip sound so they both worked well in harmony.

I hope you like the video, any feedback is much appreciated.

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